Grazing High Yielding Cows

Over the past few years my consultancy clients and I have been getting frustrated with how we manage their high yielding cows at grass. In 2017 we started fixing GPS systems to cows to track where they were grazing and when. Last year we developed a working prototype that used cloud-based machine-learning which could track a cow’s location and grazing activity when she was at grass and work out when she would benefit from extra grazing. We could then remotely trigger a gate to open allowing the herd access to additional grazing. Our very early results suggested an increase in grass intake and milk production. I am very pleased to say that this year we have been awarded funds by Innovate UK to develop the system further and produce a commercially marketable system. Over the coming months we will be developing the hardware and software needed and trialling the system on commercial farms in Britain. We will report our progress here through the GrazeMore.co.uk website.

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